Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Life

Lexie and I noticed last week that we had a bird's nest in one of the trees close to our front door. I got the ladder out and looked inside and saw there were three Robin's eggs so I took a few pictures of the nest. (I was careful not to touch anything that might upset the mama bird.)

We've been checking it daily and have even seen the mama sitting on the nest a few times. Yesterday we decided to quickly check it before going to Walmart for groceries. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a tiny head sticking out of the nest with it's mouth open!!! I ran inside, got the camera and attempted to take a few pictures before the mama came back. I had to just hold the camera up and HOPE that one of the pictures would turn out. Most of the pictures were out of focus or only captured a part of the nest but the last picture I took turned out even better than I expected... (Make sure you click on it for a closer look.) The picture took my breath away! It looks like this tiny bird who has just recently been born is hugging the other two eggs, his siblings. It was such an amazing sight, I'm glad I got a picture of it. Simply amazing!!!

Today when we went by the nest the mama was there so we didn't get to see if the other eggs hatched. I'll be sure to post any new pictures.

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