Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bye-Bye Training Wheels!!!

Yesterday while Dave was golfing with my dad, Lexie and I kept busy for an hour and a half with something pretty exciting. I'll let her tell you what she did (1st scroll down to the bottom and pause the playlist music)...

Okay, you got all that? As you can see, she was very excited. She had actually already done it 2 or 3 times but this was going to be the first time I videotaped her doing it. So, like Lexie said, "Yeah! Yeah baby! Rock this show!!!"

Sorry for the abrupt end. Don't worry, she DID our neighbor's driveway (much better than the street!). Phew!!! Stopping is definately something we need to work on with her. She keeps stopping by dragging her feet on the ground. (Note to self: next time have Lexie wear tennis shoes, not flip flops.)

As you can see, Lexie has really outgrown her bike.

So we're headed out today to look for a new bike. We promised her that once she learned how to ride without training wheels we'd get her a new bike. She's doing so well, I think it will be even easier if the bike is the right size for her. Here's the bike Lexie has her eyes on:

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Crystal said...

I've missed so much! I haven't checked blogs in ages and I didn't realize you'd be posting so much!

I hoped that seeing Lexie on a 2 wheeler would inspire Kira but she just smiled and said "That's good." No inpsiration at all!