Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Great Movie (and a Not So Great Movie)

If you haven't seen it yet - you MUST see Slumdog Millionaire! I watched it the other night while Dave was out of town and LOVED it! It has everything a movie should - sadness, happiness, action, adventure, love, one point I'd be in tears because it was SOOOO sad and then almost standing up and cheering at other parts. Trust me, it's awesome! But don't take my word for it, see it for yourself!

Then there's Twilight...I read all four books and really liked them but was not happy with the movie at all. There were some parts that were good but overall I was very disappointed. First off I didn't think the characters looked like how I'd pictured them in the books, especially the Cullens. In the books the Cullens were take your breath away, drop dead gorgeous but I didn't think that in the movie. As for Bella, she looked fine but her acting wasn't great. Jacob was another one who didn't look like what I thought he would - I thought he'd be better looking. Edward Cullen was the only one I thought did well and looked close to how I'd pictured. Then there was the connection/attraction between Bella and Edward. I just didn't see it - I don't think it was developed or explained well enough - especially if you hadn't read the books. I could go on and on with the things I didn't like about this movie. I don't know if I was just expecting too much, but I was pretty disappointed. So consider yourself warned - you may be disappointed too...So rent Slumdog Millionaire instead!!! :)

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Crystal said...

I saw Twilight before reading the books so I had an unfair advantage. The actress who played Bella was terrible wasn't she? BUT, Bella wasn't a very thrilling character in the first book anyway, so maybe she was playing her the way she was supposed to be. I guess we'll see how good of an actress she is if they ever get as far as a 4th movie, since her character really changes by that book.