Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Cheetah Girls ROCK!

On December 2nd I took Lexie to her first concert - The Cheetah Girls - One World Tour. She was so excited! I was upstairs getting ready and when I came downstairs I discovered Lexie making a "poster" for the concert.
It was sooo cute - she actually ended up making 2 posters, one for me and one for her. :) We got to the Palace early so there weren't that many cars but Lexie couldn't believe all these people were going to see the Cheetah Girls. She thought there must be some other event going on. I assured her that the Cheetah Girls were it!

We had GREAT seats - 4th row on the right side of the stage! (Thanks to a business contact of Dave's who gave him the tickets!) I made sure to let Lexie know that normally you don't get to sit this close for a concert. In fact, I've never sat that close so it was pretty cool for me too!
When the opening act - The Clique Girlz - started Lexie just kindof sat in her seat and stared at them. Lexie and I had never heard of this group - Lexie said they looked like 3 Hannah Montanas. :) I also thought they seemed like a female version of the Jonas Brothers - since they look like sisters.

Anyway, by the time the Cheetah Girls came to the stage Lexie was warmed up and ready to rock!
She stood up most of the concert, danced around, sang and least I think she screamed - I actually had ear plugs in my ears so I couldn't hear her (but she looked like she was screaming). :) Lexie wore ear plugs too - I think it would've been WAY too loud without them, especially sitting that close and having all those screaming girls around us. (I know, I know, I guess I'm getting old.)

It was a great concert! My favorite part was when the girls sang above the stage, each in their own individual chandelier chair.
There was also a cool part where the girls gatherered together and sat and sang while a slide show was going - they were so close to us!
Lexie loved it all, especially when her favorite Cheetah girl came over and sang right in front of us and even waved to us.
But her favorite part of all was at the end when they sang "One World" while standing on these columns which were raised out of the stage and then confetti was dropped on us. Lexie was so tired at the end but I could still tell she had a GREAT time! We both agreed, the Cheetah Girls definately rocked!

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