Friday, December 12, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

It finally happened! It took over two months but Lexie finally lost her first tooth! We were eating tacos Monday night and Lexie said her tooth hurt. I looked in her mouth, saw that her tooth was barely hanging on and their was some blood. So I twisted her tooth a little and it came out! Lexie was so excited!

I had to go to a school meeting that night so Daddy helped her put the tooth in her special pillow. (It's actually the same pillow I used when I was a kid.) She also wrote the tooth fairy a note that said "Dear tooth Fairy I lost my first tooth today and it is a bottom one I lost it by eating a taco! Love - Lexie PS if you would give me something for my tooth right now it would be a Foohy" (A "foohy" is a type of eraser that a bunch of kids at school have - they look like monkey heads.)

Lexie woke the next morning to discover that the Tooth Fairy had taken her tooth and left some special gifts for her. In the pillow, where the tooth used to be was a $1 coin. The Tooth Fairy also left a Cheetah Girls muscial toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a note.
The note said "Dear Lexie - Congratulations on losing your first tooth - it's a beautiful tooth! I can tell you've been taking great care of it. I hope you enjoy the new toothbrush and toothpaste I'm leaving for you. Sorry I didn't give you a Foohy but maybe you can use this special coin to buy one for yourself (or you can save it for something else). I have a feeling I'll be visiting you again real soon! Until then, keep brushing and flossing! Love - The Tooth Fairy" The Tooth Fairy also accidently left some of her fairy dust all around the pillow and gifts! Lexie was very excited about everything and didn't seem disappointed at all that she didn't get a Foohy. She was very curious though about how the Tooth Fairy gets in the house and what she does with the teeth she collects. :)

Then yesterday Lexie ran into my bathroom in the morning with her finger in her mouth. There was blood all over the tip of her finger and all around her other loose tooth. This tooth was a little harder to get out but after a few twists it did come out. Lexie left it in her pillow last night and woke up this morning to find a $1 coin and more fairy dust!

Lexie told me on the way to school yesterday that she thinks that the Tooth Fairy uses all the teeth she collects in her wand instead of batteries. (How cute is that?!) She also decided not to save her money but instead she plans to use her $2 to buy a Foohy. I just think it's funny that our little girl can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this Christmas. :)

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Crystal said...

Yippeee!! How exciting for her! Somhow I missed the last several posts and it was much fun catching up on the goings on for you guys!

I love the fairy dust that the tooth fairy left. She hasn't done that at our house!