Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've got a JOB!!!

No more sitting around the house eating bon-bons all day...I've got a job!!! With Lexie in school all day (and no new baby in the house) I knew I needed to find a job to fill my days. Of course I could've found LOTS to do around the house! But I thought I'd at least "look" for a job. I didn't think I'd really get one though with my limited schedule - no nights, no weekends - and not having had a job for over 6 years...I mean who would want to hire me???

Turns out our local library wanted to hire me!!! :) I am now working part time as a Page. I work 4 days a week (18 hours total) while Lexie is in school. It has taken a lot of getting used to. The first full day I started second-guessing myself - I came home with a headache, a sore back and aching feet and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Who knew working at a library could be sooo physically demanding - lifting heavy books, pushing carts with TONS of heavy books all over the library, straightening shelves of heavy books, etc. (Did I mention that the books are HEAVY?!) Luckily after the first few days and a change in shoes (who cares if they're pretty, as long as they're comfortable right?), I am really enjoying myself.

I usually don't start working until 9 or 10 am so I still have an hour or two to myself in the morning. Then my workday ends around the same time Lexie gets out of school so I get home just in time to meet her at the bus stop. On my day off I plan on running errands and catching up on housework. That's what I "plan" on doing, we'll see if that's what REALLY happens. :)

So far it's been great having a job but there is one bad thing - I'm sooo tired at night! In fact I've been going to bed by 10pm most nights and even earlier sometimes! Speaking of which, my bed is calling to me now...

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E said...

Congrats on the new job! I also got a part time job in the schools as a para educator. I also have an empty home during the day, no baby...yet :)