Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Locks of Love

It all began about 2 years ago when Lexie made what seemed like a cute statement at the time, "I want to grow my hair down to my toes like Rapunzel." At the time she looked like this...
so we didn't think anything of it. forward 2 years and her hair was, though not down to her toes, already at her waist!!!

This hair growth has not been easy - it's a pain to wash and dry, it is always getting in her face, she gets syrup and other food stuck to it, we find long hairs everywhere, and she's had to have gum cut out of it. However, all of that pales in comparison to the #1 worst thing about Lexie's long hair...the brushing! I absolutely DREAD brushing Lexie's hair. When Lexie wakes up there are always, without fail, knots in the back. As I carefully brush her hair I hold my breath waiting for the screaming, crying, and yelling which are sure to come. Depending on her mood there may even be hitting, kicking and escape attempts. As if that wasn't bad enough, I have to go through the the whole thing again after baths!

For this reason Dave and I have spent the last six months trying to convince Lexie to get her hair cut. We've explained about Locks of Love and how her hair can be made into a wig for another child. Last month I showed her the website and we learned more about the kids who receive the wigs. We discovered that a large number of the children have an auto-immune disorder called alopecia. Alopecia, which causes the hair follicles to shut down, affects 4.7 million people in the United States alone. There are varying degrees of alopecia and unfortunately there is currently no known cause or cure for it.

Still, Lexie wasn't convinced so we decided to drop the subject for awhile. Imagine our suprise (and relief) when, a couple weeks later, Lexie said that she wanted to get her hair cut! I then suprised myself by becoming a little sad about the whole thing though I didn't let on to her. But I quickly snapped out of it and made an appointment, before Lexie could change her mind.

When the big day arrived Lexie was very nervous and sad. To be honest, I was nervous too. But it all turned out great and I think her haircut looks so cute!!!


Afterwards when I asked Lexie what she thought of her haircut she said, "I like it, but I don't love it."

I just keep reminding her that she can grow her hair back (which she already plans on doing) but the child who gets a wig made out of her hair will never grow hair. Dave and I are so proud of Lexie and we think she looks great!!! Of course my favorite moment was this morning when I brushed her hair and it took about 2 seconds and there were no knots, no tears, and no screams! Life is good!

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