Thursday, May 15, 2008

Updated Adoption Profile/Book

Well, it's taken me FOREVER but I've finally updated our profile book (because of the move). Just thought I would share it since some of you have never even seen the old one. I'm going to the Bethany office today to drop off the original and 2 copies. Now we have nothing to do but wait. In February we reached the one year mark of waiting. It's been hard but we continue to pray and we have faith that God's will will be done.


Carole said...

Hello - I found your blog through the Bethany forum. We just completed our home study visits last night and now have the huge task of putting together a profile. I really like the way yours is grouped topically. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your idea!

Crystal said...

It will happen Jenn. The sad thing is that all the parents who are looking at your profile and passing it by have no idea what they are missing - they have no idea what a great big sister Lexie will be - she puts up with Brooke!