Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung (Part 1)

It's been such a LONG time since I posted any pictures, that I decided to make this post all about pictures. Here's just a little bit of what we've been up to this Spring.

Lexie was student of the week in March and that Friday we took Sandy to school to meet Lexie's class. (It happened to be a special reading day where the kids dressed like cowboys/cowgirls so I dressed Sandy up too.)

Another special reading day was favorite book character day. Anyone know who Lexie's supposed to be????

That's right...Fancy Nancy!

How cute is her teacher's costume? I just had to take a picture of her because "Where the Wild Things Are" is Dave's favorite kids book.
I kept busy in February and March painting. I painted the kitchen, great room, stairway, upstairs hallway and the area by the back door. As you can see (left of fireplace), we always have to try out a bunch of samples before we pick the perfect color.
I know it looks the same but it IS different. The old color was very gold/yellow and the new color is tan/khaki. (The stairs and hallway is a lighter shade of khaki and the kitchen is an olive green.) My next painting project is our entryway which is two stories tall. I definately need to buy a taller ladder first!

Lexie was in a school play at the end of March. She played a weed - with attitude. It was really cute - the weeds song was a rap..."We're the weeds, we're cool, we're the weeds, WEEDS RULE!!!

A cute little flower (AKA Madalyn, my neice) came to watch the play along with my sister and my mom and dad. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE living close to my family?

Easter was a little crazy for us because we were gone for Spring Break in the Bahamas the week before. (I'll have to do a seperate post for that.) So it was after 8pm on Easter Eve when we finally got around to coloring the Easter eggs!!! We still managed to have fun - look how proud each of us is of our 4 eggs...

(Did you notice, Lexie got her hair cut right before our trip - probably about 6 inches. I wanted her to grow it out more so she could donate her hair to "Locks of Love" again but she REALLY wanted it cut.)

We had my parents and my sister and her family over for Easter dinner.

Doesn't everyone look nice...

...except for Dave who decided to take the day off from dressing up. (Just kidding hunny.) And me who was so busy I never had time to put on makeup!!! Yikes!

Shortly after Easter Dave and I went to a wedding reception. The best part was spending time with Dave's mom and with his brothers who we don't get to see enough of.

Finally, at the end of April Lexie's school had a 50's dance/sock hop. All three of us went and we even dressed up!

Check out this cute couple!

I'll have to do a "Part 2" of this post so I can include pictures from May. Until then, Happy Spring!!!

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